Fields of Elysium
The life story video service

Our mission is to give you the chance to leave your message as a life story video for your loved ones which can be passed on to future generations.

Elysium is a conception of the afterlife that was developed over time by the Ancient Greeks and was a place where they would remain after death to live a blessed and happy life.

From the beginning of time, mankind has been leaving messages about him/herself for future generations to learn about that person - from the paintings in the Kalahari and caves of France, to messages carved in stone and to the full account in an autobiography.

Tell us about your life journey, your loves, your likes, your ups and downs, your family origins, your hopes and your desires for your family.

Tell us about your favourite places, your favourite movies and music.

Or simply leave a message to your family and friends to be listened to or viewed when you have passed.

Life story videos, sometimes referred to as legacy videos, can be a source of great comfort to your immediate family, and an inspiration to future generations.

A message from Steve Form, founder of Fields of Elysium

I had the idea for a life story video service after going through ill-health and experiencing the passing of loved ones. I realised that there was a need for people to record their life history, family stories, likes & dislikes, for their immediate family and for them to pass these memories on to future generations so that nothing is lost to time.

I also realised that there was no company offering to record private messages that could be delivered by me to my family and friends once I had passed.

So, I am offering you the opportunity to keep forever your personal history, stories and messages using our professional service. We will listen to what you would like to say, and help you put your story all together. We can use old photographs, old family movies and video footage and even use your favourite music.

I am sure you we will all have some laughs along the way - and maybe a few tears – but it will all be conducted with dignity and integrity with the utmost confidentiality